With an easy but strong locking system, our retractable gate is built with a neat, compact sash for strength under attack and smooth operation.

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Slam lock system

A unique patented slam lock system designed specifically for retractable Trellidor security barriers that incorporates the dead-lock technology. The Trellidor slam lock has three modes of operation (unique to Trellidor).

A unique patented locking system designed specifically for retractable Trellidor T700, T800, Trellidor Plus - T900 & Trellidor Trojan II - T1000 security barriers.

This patented draw-bolt lock has a single keyhole with multiple locking points in the lock-stile. 

Dead lock system

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You only need one key to lock or unlock the security gate, saving time when under stress in an emergency.

The multiple locking points provide maximum protection against attempted

Multiple locking points make it difficult for criminals to know where to attack.

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